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Unbreakable Self-Love


20 April - 8 June 2024 | 9:30 am - 12:30 pm WIB

IDR 6,000,000 with 2x private sessions

IDR 4,000,000 without private sessions



I'm more than just a life coach — I help individuals to transform their lives, get unstuck and stop feeling lost through a powerful self-love journey.
My proven approach is practical, provides tangible results and fast-tracks your life's progress.




Transforming your life in 8 weeks

Self Love

Most of our problems are caused by a lack of self-love, which is an over used term and most misunderstood concept. This program practices the real definition of self-love so you can find joy and navigate your life better.


Are you trying to let go of  your pain or cut some patterns in your life? This program will lead you to a breakthrough forgiveness-journey, and allow you to start a new chapter.

Achievable Goals

My Unbreakable Self-Love program will help you have a clear direction and purpose in life. I will walk you through the specific actions needed to achieve your goals.

Weekly Session

This intensive program runs once a week for 2 hours. It helps you build an unbreakable self-love foundation and a more fulfilling life!

Amazing Tribe

You'll join this transformative journey together with your new tribe. Connect with like-minded people and have a solid support system.

Have Fun!

I'll make sure you stop feeling lost and get unstuck. You'll not only change your life, but also have fun doing it. Life is about celebrating wins and commitment - and we'll do exactly that!

The USL Program is the highlight of my 2021. The tools Muara gave was very useful to help me understand myself and shape me into a better person. It focuses on the core problems and fix it from within. I was also grateful to have found a new tribe who are very supportive and non-judgemental. Even though it's a group session, Muara took the extra miles to look out for members who need extra care. I highly recommend this program for people who want to transform their lives for the better, feel the magic, and see what your mind is capable of regardless of gender and age.
Fajrin Munaf
I joined this program when I was diagnosed with depression. This program has taught me to be strong for myself and make huge progress in my medical condition, i.e I have no intention to self harm or suicide. This program is totally recommended for everyone who wants to learn how to love themselves. I believe this program will transform your life into huge self-awareness & self-love.
- Katherine
Ever since I attended this class I became more human than ever. At first I didn’t feel much changes but I got a lot of help from the tools that are given and the rules of living a more discipline & organized life. I didn’t feel pressured doing it & instead I enjoyed it very much. Of course changes didn’t happen instantly, but it happened periodically & it’s okay! I wish to have more classes from this program because I’m obsessed!
Talitha Harahap
If you want to understand more about self-love, USL Group Coaching will be a good start! By joining this program, I become more aware of my feelings, trauma, and what I want in life. The tools given are practical and I'm still using some of them in my routines until now. Forever grateful to be part of this group, where I can have new friends and safe place to be vulnerable without judgement and always support each other.
Devie Mayasari

This program is really transformative. Muara guided us so we can see our self worth in such way that's eye opening and reflective. Muara delivers the sessions  in a non judgmental way and she shared her own experience that I can easily relate. I found  answers about my life & myself. I know how to handle my insecurities. Now I feel really really good about myself, I know how to create boundaries, I know how to heal my inner child. I recommend this course, to whoever struggling with self love and ready to embark on a journey of reinventing yourself. It's worth every penny!!
Best investment I’ve ever made in my life. This program offers practical self-love tools that help tackle everyday problems—literally. Muara has proven herself to be a friendly, committed, process-oriented coach. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the smallest things in life, to forgive ourselves and others wholeheartedly, to focus on 1% growth every day, to believe in our dreams and callings, to push us to become the person we never knew existed, and to love ourselves before anything else.  
- Dea
I was so thankful that I joined the Unbreakable Self Love journey. Muara is a great coach who guides us & coaches us with passion and love using her knowledge, tools, step by step approach to improve our self-love, so we can deal with our problems better. Her positive vibes is contagious and she is passionate in assisting people. She understands our feelings. This program is recommended for all of us who love ourselves and seek a more meaningful life. This program is definitely worth it. Thank you so much Muara for being in my life.Love you!
Thank you for your help, Kak Mu. Your tools are so effective and never thought it would change my life forever. So amazing finally I can forgive my parents so that i don't project the pain onto others. I think this is the happiest moment in my life. How glad I am that I have met you. May God bless your soul Kak. I don't know what I’d do without you. Love you.

My Approach


First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you and your needs. Here we’ll identify your life's pattern and define its root cause.


Then, I train.

Together, we’ll train your self-love muscles (imagine you're going to the gym to build self-love muscles) so you can have that confidence and power to create a wholesome life.


Lastly, we achieve.

What I train sets the solid foundation for you to navigate your life well. We’ll build upon them and create achievable goals for your desired life - so  you can find pure joy and feel whole. 

Let's do this!