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Inner Child Healing

Healing your "little one"

7-week self-paced online course 
by Muara Makarim 


Healing Your Inner Child


We will struggle to get wiser if we don’t heal the wounds from our childhood. Our growth journey will not reach its full potential if we don’t deal with the pain we experienced as a child. The truth is, we will always act out the same hurt, unless we heal and resolve it. 


Our inner child stays in our unconscious mind and dictates 90% of our behaviours. We were all once a child and that little one stays within us. Unfortunately, most adults are unaware of their inner child, which becomes the source of so many difficulties in life.


Some Symptoms that Come
from Inner Child Wounds

• Anxiety

• Feeling not good enough
• Depression 
• People pleasing
• Difficulty trusting people
• Perfectionist/ controlling 
• Eating disorders 
• Feeling stuck 
• Lack of self-confidence 
• Weight issues
• Constant relationship issues 
• Emotionally numb 

And many more!



What You'll Learn

  • Understand how your mind & body work when it comes to childhood trauma
  • How to build self-awareness & connect with your inner child to heal
  • Find the root cause of your issues, stop the pattern and create a new chapter in life
  • Talk to your inner child to find out what they really need, so you can live with less fear/ anxiety in your adult life.
  • Tools to regulate emotions & manage your triggers 
  • How to re-parent yourself, transform your life, and stop living with your childhood trauma response
  • Practical tools to heal on a daily basis, so you can keep on growing
  • Brief hypnotherapy session to release trauma in your body
  • Managing your anxiety and overthinking pattern, by understanding the root cause of your childhood pain



Ready to heal your inner child?

The investment is IDR 1,350,000

7 weeks | self-paced online course | 6 months access to the course

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