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Having both the awareness to heal, and the willingness to do the work.. is not an easy task.

I experienced this first hand in my early 30’s. Back then, my life was a real roller coaster and the worst part was: I never  understood why. Until one day I hit rock bottom, after calling off my engagement with a man I thought I knew inside out.

I uncovered a lot of shocking lies about his life, which led  to a horrible break up and  depression. I locked myself in my  bedroom for weeks and couldn’t stop watching dark depressing shows on Netflix, whilst crying non-stop. I shut down, stopped responding to messages and phone calls, and I cut off all communications with everyone.  

 Feeling lost, I ended up signing up for life coaching sessions to learn about my pattern; the root cause and how to actually create the life I wanted. Surprisingly, this is what I discovered: I had different love languages from my mom and thought she didn’t love me; so I was looking for validation from men to feel that ‘mother’ love. Hence, I said yes to any men who wanted to marry me and chase me because then, I felt loved. This was exactly how I attracted emotionally unavailable men in my life. Through the sessions, I released the trauma, I re-parent myself, I created a new chapter of my life. 


I started attracting the things that I manifested and I was full of joy, but then I learned that life will never stop testing you. Two years later, I went into depression again, losing 3 kg in a week. It was the time when I moved to SIngapore to work for a unicorn startup tech company, spending 18 hours in the office daily and having very little sleep. I got anxiety, troubled breathing, couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat anything. Everything felt foggy. I started questioning my passion and purpose. Took me a while to figure it out, but I finally knew I wanted to be a life coach. The reason was simple: so I can help people (like me) to get unstuck and stop feeling lost in life and relationships. 


That’s how I finally left my toxic job, saved money to get certified, and eventually started pursuing coaching as my purpose. Now, I can confidently say that I help individuals and couples to have a solid foundation of self love, so they can start creating the life and the relationships they desire.

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