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Get unstuck and stop feeling lost, in your life and relationship

Unbreakable Self Love & Confidence

Get unstuck and stop feeling lost in life, career, relationship 


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For me, your development is personal!

I'm a professional life coach who is genuinely obsessed with helping others to create a wholesome life through a self-love journey. Years ago I had my own self-love journey: survived cancer, depression & anxiety, and toxic relationship and work culture.   My healing journey inspired me to quit my 15-year career in PR & Communications industry and become a certified life coach. 

Over the past years, I have helped thousands of individuals live a wholesome life, fall in love with themselves, feel confident and thrive in life, career and relationships.  My practical tools will help you to get unstuck and move forward in life.





Work with Me

I believe everything in life can be figured out and my role as a good coach is to define your own success. My approach is designed to set you up to be a remarkable individual. Using several techniques - including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and somatic trauma release - I have helped people get out of depression and anxiety, to live out their passion and purpose, refocus their careers, and create better relationships with themselves and others. 



How we can work together

Self-Love, Confidence, Communication 

Group Coaching


We have two group coaching programs: Unbreakable Self Love (8 weeks) - focused on trauma healing, inner child and purpose, while Impactful Communication & Confidence (5 weeks) focuses on building a solid foundation of confidence and communication at work and personal life.



Self-Love, Purpose, Relationship

1-on-1 Coaching


Our sessions (6 - 12 weeks) will take a deep dive into your root cause and challenges, and will equip you with the right tools to achieve the desired outcome and live a wholesome life. I will help you to understand yourself better, have a solid self-love foundation, remove the unwanted pattern, and create achievable goals. These will lead you to a purposeful life, meaningful relationships, and simply to feel content.



Leadership, Collaboration, Communication

Speaking & Training


I help professionals to be confident and passionate about their lives and work, to understand their values and roles, create better relationships at work, and set them up for success (as an individual and as a team).



Muara gave practical tools to discover myself. I'm so grateful for this journey with Muara as coach. I am so much happier, firmer and solid now. Happy Growing!


Disna Mega

'Don't force the universe, the universe will conspire in your favor.' A simple advice from Muara that I will always remember.


Anton Tuna

She told me the steps, action and resources, while I had to do everything myself. Her guidance on self-love helped me through my emotional healing, as it brought my purpose to the spotlight.



What We Can Do Together

Mental Health


Finding your inner happiness through self-love.  

Navigating your stress better and ending your anxiety.  

Getting out of depression.

Relationship & Dating


Creating a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and people around you.  

Recovering from a break-up and refocusing your life.  

Shaping your self confidence and self-love for a better relationship.

Career & Passion


Linving out your passion and purpose.

Making a career switch, leadership, teamwork & growth.

Building a purpose-driven work that allows you to have a wholesame life.


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