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I was having uncertainty about everything, especially relationships. I started to question my worth and knew that I needed to let go of my emotional baggage. Throughout the sessions, Muara focuses on the self-love journey through many approachable tools. Aside from being practical, Muara is also friendly and unapologetically honest in providing different perspectives. This has helped me to get a clearer picture and understand that nothing is complicated. I am extremely grateful that I reached out to her and was open about my situation. It was definitely an amazing 6-session that is worth a lifetime.

- Shima Parawathy

I came to Muara with a low self -love and confidence. I remember during the sessions, I got one task that's really hard for me but pushed my growth: to practice having personal conversations with anyone. (Trust me, it's very hard for me. because I didn't know how to be personal with people. But it worked! In just 2 months, my self-love & confidence increased significantly. I'm amazed. Thanks a lot to Muara who helped me throughout the process. I became less ‘robotic’ when it comes to people and less judgemental.

Thanks a lot for changing me!

- Angel 

As a friend, Muara has been helping me to go through two difficult breakups and gave non-judgemental support. As a life coach, Muara has taught me:

- Solid rituals to make my day more manageable

- How to self-love and break the old pattern of craving for love from others

- How to forgive my past and my lineage

- To choose to work on my passion project

- Equipped me with the right references and techniques to move forward.  

Much Love!

- Arya

Two months before the sessions, I was broken and depressed, literally, the sky looked gray to me and I didn't want to get off my bed. I began our sessions with a pitiful 1.5/10 on self-love. Muara's teaching style was independent; she told me the steps, actions, and resources. Seemed impossible at first, but I actually learned and remembered the importance of each milestone and achievement. Her guidance on self-love helped me through my emotional healing, as it brought me purpose. I went out of the last session with a 7.5/10 on self-love. I will never, ever forget the chills the first time I felt that self-love flowing through my entire body.

- Ella

During my grieving at the time, I found Muara out of the blue. It's like the universe was aligned. Reaching out to her was the best decision for me. Muara guided me through the Self-Love Approach and I started to understand myself better. Muara gave me practical tools to discover myself. I am so much happier, firmer, and more solid now. Muara always said to me that life is gonna have its ups and downs, but I will know how to get up faster than before. It's so true and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you Muara, you changed my life completely and now I'm ready to spread my love and positivity to others.

- Disna Mega

“Don't force the universe, the universe will conspire in your favor." A simple piece of advice from Muara that I will always remember. Muara came to me to help with my anxiety. She gave practical solutions, helped me to have some purpose and a new life's perspective. Our session was a great journey for me. Not only I found my happiness, I also learned about having the faith that everything will always work fine in the end.

- Anton

I surely believe that our path crossed not coincidentally. Yes, everything happens for a reason. Never knew I needed a lighthouse - not to awaken me, but to enlighten me. After one to another search, I found Muara. Thank you Muara, for guiding me to deal with all my fears and doubts, to calm my stormy mind and to push me to go after my dreams. After our sessions, I started to check off my goals, level up, and can't wait to grow even more!

- Natiqoh R.A

I loved Muara’s way of coaching and her approach on how you can fully love yourself. She asked the right questions for me to reflect on. She gave tools that were very fitting for me. One big issue I had was procrastination - it was because of me wanting things to be perfect, and the fear of not being good enough. Muara helped me to come out of that habit. Learning to love myself was very essential in my personal growth: being able to understand how to love myself and check with myself what my love score is. Through this process, I was able to see clearly what I wanted in life, so I made a simple goal to be healthy for my body, mind and soul and to just do it!

- Melyana TJ

​​Thank you for being a good listener, supporting me when I feel doubtful about myself, helping me find enlightenment and guiding me in solving my problems through practical tools. I'm thankful for everything you bring to the table, everything you've done for my well-being project! I am much happier post our sessions, there has been zero day I feel unmotivated and grumpy! What an achievement! This positive energy, affirmations and commitment to the process have brought me to a brighter life personally and professionally.

- Windy

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